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Immersive Drawing Retreat

3rd -7th September 2020

´materialimmaterial’ takes drawing out of the studio and embodies it with a sense of place, interacting person, location and model. Set within the stunning house and grounds of the Château de Montvason, this 4-day, all-inclusive creative retreat, stages captivating scenes throughout the estate, paying homage to the Château's rich past.

Following on from the fabulous drawing retreat, featured on Channel 4's Escape to the Château DIY, with 'the lady in the lake', we are delighted to announce our next retreat on 3 - 7th September 2020.

This is not just an ordinary artist retreat, you will be totally immersed in and transported back to the 19C period.  It is an incredible opportunity to document and handle museum pieces of period dress, not usally seen at such close proximity. 

All levels of ability are welcome: fine artists, fashins and textile designers of fashion, historians and  creative travellers, who would like to embue their stay at this beautiful Château, by engaging with its history in a unique way.

Life-drawing with period costume, explores traditional and contemporary drawing practice, in relation to the cloth, memory and history. Great painters and writers of the period who reflected on French life are key: Manet, Sergeant, Huysman's fin de siècle classic "Against Nature", through to those artists who pioneered new photographic techniques and changed forever what constituted the pose and figure in a landscape.


The retreats are led by Kate Broad, artist and educator, who specialises in drawing practice, Textiles and Fashion study. She is also a lecturer at major universities and institutions, researching drawing as the key component in both fine art and design.

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